C1 & C1+E Training

Our C1 and C1+E training enables drivers to drive vehicles weighing no more than 7500 kg. Typically, participants take our C1 course to advance their career, whether as a lorry or ambulance driver.
If a driver needs to drive a vehicle weighing more than 3500 kg, they must take C1 training and successfully pass the test. Our one-on-one training is available to drivers of all experience levels and is tailored to individual requirements, so you can make the most of your time with your instructor.

On completion of your training you will have the ability to drive a range of commercial vehicles, in addition to this you will have access to thousands of jobs throughout the UK.

Ambulance Driver Training

The paramedic profession is by far one of the most rewarding professions, but it requires intensive training. Our ambulance driver training will help you take the first steps on the path to becoming a paramedic.

If you aspire to be a paramedic, obtaining a C1 driver’s licence is one of the non-medical aspects of paramedic training. With our training, you will receive the C1 authorization for your driver’s licence, which will enable you to drive all first responder ambulances.

Ambulance driver training at Green Pass is on an individual basis and teaches you how to drive and manoeuvre large vehicles safely. Once you earn your licence, you’ll be legally able to drive ambulances between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes and carry up to eight passengers at a time.

7.5 Tonne Training

At Green Pass, we offer customised C1 courses that enable drivers to safely drive larger vehicles, such as 7.5-tonne trucks. During your 7.5-tonne training course, you will learn how to safely drive a C1 vehicle and how to perform a series of manoeuvres that you will be tested on during your final exam.

Before beginning your 7.5-tonne training, your instructor will take time to learn about your needs, driving skills, and confidence on the road. Based on this, he or she can structure your training and ensure that extra time is scheduled for any areas that you feel need a little more time. During your course, your instructor will also teach you how to perform any necessary safety checks with a lorry to ensure the vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

7.5 Tonne with Trailer

Our 7.5 tonne trailer training course offers drivers the opportunity to improve their road safety and successfully develop their driving skills. When you learn with Green Pass, you can be confident that your instructor is DVSA approved. This gives you the confidence to learn the skills necessary to drive a larger vehicle safely.
During the course, students will learn C1+E vehicle safety and how to perform manoeuvres expertly. This will not only help drivers pass their final exam, but also remain confident when dealing with tricky situations in a larger vehicle.


  • Medical Assessment
  • Provisional Licence
  • Theory Test