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Green Pass Training have been delivering DCPC and Module 4 Training, along with First Aid, Plant and other industry related subjects for many years. All courses that we offer are provided in seven hour JAUPT approved blocks which can be delivered at your place of work or our training facility.

CPC Module 4 Training & Tests

LGV tests will also see the introduction of a new piece of equipment that will allow you to demonstrate your ability to secure loads; this is called the load demonstration trolley. It comes in a few different shapes and forms, but this is the type of thing you can expect to see at the test centre.

The test consists of 5 topic areas that cover the Driver CPC Syllabus and in order to pass the candidate has to score 15 out of a possible 20 points in each topic area (75%) and an overall score of 80%.

You must pass the Driver CPC Module 2 before you take Module 4. In other words, the theory test must be passed before the practical part. Often, we organise the Module 2 and Module 4 tests to occur after a candidate has taken their HGV training course, although you can do Module 2 alongside your Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice theory tests if you’re up to it, and take the Module 4 alongside your practical training course.

During the test itself, the Examiner will walk around the stationary vehicle with you asking you a series of questions that pertain to the subject areas see link for Mod 4. You’ll need to be able to talk freely and confidently about the vehicle and its features.

Green Pass Driver Training provides extensive training prior to each Module 4 test, to make sure that you’re feeling confident and ready for the test. Training includes running through a normal vehicle check, refreshing your memory on the important security and safety features of the vehicle and best practice techniques, and making sure that you know how to secure a load correctly. This may be done either on a load restraint demo trolley or via another method.

The 5 Areas you will be tested on are as follows:

  • Area 1 – Safe Loading

  • Area 2 – Vehicle Security Check

  • Area 3 – Prevent Trafficking

  • Area 4 – Emergency Situation Assessments

  • Area 5 – Preventing Physical Injury

The Module 4 Cse and Test will take place at Green Pass Training with fully qualified DVSA instructors and Examiner.

The course will be in two parts – Theory and Practical lesson – 4 hrs.

Individual Practical test – Up to 40 mins.

Full cost of course with Test – £275 + VAT.

At the end of the test, you get your result right away. If you’ve passed and you don’t have acquired rights (passed your car test before January 1997 and have a Cat C1 entitlement on your licence via acquired or ‘grandfather’ rights) then you will receive your DQC (Driver Qualification Card) in the post to your licence address shortly after passing the test.

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Click Here to view examples of the Module 4 question set.

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Tachographs and walk around checks:

The tachographs and walk around checks course covers all legal requirements for operating both a digital and analogue tachograph. Operator licencing, the role of the DVSA on the roads, and concludes with an in depth look at the Daily Walk-round Checks.

First Aid:

After all these years of providing driving lessons, we’ve only got one complaint out of hundreds of customer’s. We’ve got a very high pass rate because we value quality over quantity.

Manual Handling/ Load Handling:

One of the main reasons that we offer this course is because incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. With the majority of subjects covered in one day, this course is an ideal way of reducing the risk if workplace manual handling injuries.

Yearly Refreshers:

Yearly refreshers are just a general update of news within the industry, a recap on tachographs, safe loading, safe driving and the highway code.

FORS approved safe urban driving course.

Our Safe Urban Driving Course is designed for professional drivers. The aim of this course is to make drivers aware of the risks on the road in relation to vulnerable road users. Trainees will gain information about road accident statistics involving LGV and vulnerable road users and to raise awareness of the risks to cyclists and how to assess a situation to reduce risk. This course can contribute towards DriversCPC.

All our courses are FORS approved and meet the CLOCS standard and requirements of managing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR).

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