Complete Starter Pack

Green Pass Training has a fantastic starter offer with everything uni require to get your HGV license.

What does it include?

The inconvenience/time of getting started with your HGV or Minibus training is pretty lengthy to some people. Green Pass Training has the Complete Starter Pack that will reduce the disruption to our clients circumstances and busy life styles.

The complete starter pack consists of:

  • Provisional Entitlement Document

  • Medical Document

  • Paid Medical Booking at a location close to your residence

  • Theory & Hazard Perception on-line training platform and App (Unlimited Access)

  • Paid Theory Test x 1

  • Paid Hazard Perception Test x 1

  • Paid Practical Driving Test x 1

  • Paid Case Study Test x 1

  • Mod 4 Test & Mod 4 Training
  • 20 Hrs Tuition (Including Test Day)

What’s the cost?


Green Pass Training have partnered with ‘Theory Test Pro’ this allows Green Pass Trainings clients to have unlimited access to the full range of the DVSA Theory Question Bank, Road Signs & The Hazard Perception Clips.

In addition to this, the on-line learning platform enables our instructors to have a ‘birds eye view’ of our clients progress and if needed offer support to our clients weaknesses via a messaging service or phone call. This also includes module 2 & 4, module 4 training and test time running alongside the ‘starter pack’. The complete package to get you on the road!

How about the Starter Pack?


If you don’t need module 2 & 4, module 4 training and test time, then this could be the package for you.

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