Week 1 Driver Training

Week one of driver training with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has seen Green Pass Training embark on a new beginning with fine tuning qualified drivers into the ambulance service as Patient Transfer drivers. The week started off with administration and a few presentations before being split down into groups for the first drive. Instructors getting an understanding with the varying levels of driving experiences.

Green Pass instructors were able to identify faults with the learners and look to make improvements and develop the drivers ready for their new role. The areas covered during the week enabled each learner to become more knowledgeable about road craft and how to adapt a style of driving that would enable a safe, legal and smooth drive, whilst ensuring the patient/s needs are being met.

We travelled around the county covering urban, rural, motorway and night driving along with some map reading and reversing. Each driver was able to reflect on each days training and look at making improvements. All instructors were able to offer up their own levels of instruction to prepare the drivers for a final assessment. By the end of the week we had covered all the training needs and every driver passed the assessment and will now go into the ambulance service having gained a higher level of knowledge about driving ambulances.

A fantastic start for both Green Pass and NWAS and we hope that we are able to fulfil a fantastic route to keeping PTS drivers safe and more aware the techniques of not just driving but looking after your vehicle and your passengers.