Motorsport Medical Assessment in Wigan

Green Pass Training takes great pride in the quality of the medicals we offer. We focus on quality with the understanding that quality assessments provide the calibre of driver so desperately needed. Our students who complete our medicals go on to become productive professionals who earn an excellent living.

On completion of your medical assessment you will have the ability to drive a number of different vehicles if taken along side a specific training module.

What to expect on the day of your Motorsport Medical Assessment in Wigan

You will be required to pass a routine Motorsport Medical Assessment. You do not need to be a perfect specimen of health, but your health needs to be reasonably good in order to get a doctor’s clearance. Upon completion of your Motorsport Medical Assessment, your doctor will submit the required paperwork on your behalf.

Motorsport Medical Assessment Result

At the end of your Motorsport Medical Assessment the examiner will inform you of a pass or fail.

You will be assessed in-line with DVLA standards which will mean we have to take in to account your medical history and current medical condition to ensure you are safe to operate drive.

The whole process should be competed in around 15 minutes and will ensure you are fully fit to pass your Motorsport Medical Assessment.

If you have any questions at all then please call us on 01995 676 880 or book your Motorsport Medical Assessment in Wigan online now.

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